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Yara-Nee Dennis
Web Development & Video Support
Gavin is supported by Yara-Nee Dennis.

Yara-Nee Dennis, Web Development and Video Support
Yara-Nee is Web Developer, Video Editor, Blogger, and Entrepreneur. She earned a degree in Computer Science from The University of Technology (Jamaica) and has since worked with an international tech support company, Influx (based in Australia), and a Media and Communications company, CGR Communications. Yara-nee is an avid cyclist, adventurer, and has participated in two(2) bodybuilding competitions since 2015.

Yara-Nee supports Gavin in Web Development and Video.

Gavin Dennis
Cybersecurity Consultant

Gavin is a Cybersecurity Consultant from Jamaica who helps companies to assess and improve the security of their valuable data. He also writes articles, presents to groups, mentors people, and contributes in multiple other ways to the cybersecurity industry. Contact him if you have a query.

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Concerned about Cybersecurity in your company?