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Gavin Dennis is a passionate Cybersecurity Consultant who is serious about his mission.

Gavin Dennis is a passionate Cybersecurity Consultant who is serious about his mission. Gavin Dennis has worked with multiple consulting companies since 2007. He is a CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), eLearnSecurity Web Application Penetration Tester (eWPT), Blogger, Author, Speaker and aspiring CISO. He has already completed exams in CISA, CISM, and CISSP. Gavin has supported the security initiatives of corporate clients through Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments, IS Risk and Compliance Assessments, IS Advisory, and Security Incident Response.

In October 2017, Gavin became a CompTIA Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Penetration Testing and has participated as an SME to develop exam content for CPT+ (formerly Pentest+), CompTIA’s first certification for Penetration Testers. In mid-2017, he was a part of a team which contributed to assessing the curriculum of HEART’s NCTVET Level 5 – Network Security Engineer, a skills-based qualification equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in many international territories.

He initially launched his career in 2007 in the field of Audit, Assurance, and Accounting. After re-assessing his passion and interests, Gavin transition into Information Security, focusing on cybersecurity and has been making strides in the field since. Since 2007, Gavin has worked with multiple consulting companies to support their clients in assessing and optimising business processes and financial data. He has worked with three (3) internationally respected audit firms and continues to demonstrate a determination to succeed.

Gavin also has a charitable initiative to give back to at least one (1) underprivileged high school student per year through sponsorship where needed. E.g. Lunch expenses, paying a portion of CXC/CAPE exam fees, etc.

A man of concise planning and execution

Every step, every action, is designed to make him a greater professional and better person.

Global thinking and agility

For just over 10 years, Gavin has pursued excellence. Discovering his untapped potential and working within teams throughout various engagements. He is analytical, collaborative and resilient when faced with challenges.

How Gavin perceives tasks

Gavin focuses on output, not on appearing busy. He is goal-oriented, focused and tries to avoid multi-tasking. His portfolio of public and private work demonstrates a willingness to deliver material value.

A decade of experience supporting external and internal stakeholders.
Passionate and driven in supporting clients across diverse industries.
Focused on delivering meaningful and actionable insights.

Focused on working smart

Gavin has crossed the unusual boundary of accounting and IT, building a positive reputation for himself in both fields and progressing over the years. He doesn’t consider working long hours a real mark of productivity nor is neglecting to spend time with your loved ones. He believes maintaining a good work-life balance is essential, loving what you do, excelling above “hard work” and adversity.

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Gavin is available to listen and discuss your Cybersecurity goals.

He is helping companies just like yours to assess and improve their InfoSec and strategic operations.

Get in touch with Gavin now to discover Cybersecurity support that cares.

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