Gavin Dennis launches a website that provides free security awareness tips for everyday people

On May 17, 2018, Gavin Dennis launched a web guide providing tips for good security habits that people can use in their daily lives.

People are targeted daily for the personal data and using a computer is almost necessary for many jobs today. The tips provided help people to develop good habits and navigate many of the digital threats that may come their way.

Official link to the web resource is below:

A highlight of the website
Security Awareness in Cyber Security is about training people's habits and knowledge towards using computer systems responsibly and safely. It does not matter whether the computer system is for business or personal use.

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Gavin will happily respond to queries, suggestions, and comments you may have.

All contact information is available at the contact page, Click Here.

Gavin Dennis

Gavin Dennis is a Cyber Security Consultant and aspiring CISO. He helps companies and people around the world to protect their digital assets and has worked with companies in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. He is experienced in Penetration Testing (Network and Web), Social Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk and Compliance, and IT Security Incident Response. Additionally, Gavin is a CompTIA SME and separately produces educational Cyber Security content through his articles, websites, and speaking engagements.

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