Gavin Dennis helps Jamaicans to understand the country’s cybercrimes law

On February 10, 2018, Gavin Dennis published a web guide which helps Jamaicans the local law governing Cybercrimes.

He rephrased the fancy legal content of Jamaica’s Official Cybercrimes Act into simple English terms so citizens could more easily understand the legal implications of committing cybercrimes.

Along with the website, Gavin created a series of short image-based extracts of each section of the law and posted them as an educational campaign on Social Media. These extracts can be found on his social media pages on Twitter (@hackinggavin), Instagram (@hackinggavin), and LinkedIn (Gavin Dennis).

Below is the link to the web guide:

A highlight of his article
If you have committed a cybercrime against a Protected Computer, it is automatically considered a Serious Crime, and you can go to prison for up to twenty-five (25) years. A Protected Computer is any computer system used in national security, for storing confidential educational material, configuring services in Industries such as communication infrastructure, Banking and Financial Services, Public Utilities, Public Transportation, Hospitals, Courts, Toll Roads, Traffic Lights, Bridges, Airports, Seaports. It also covers computer systems used in Public Safety Services such as the police, fire brigade, civil defence and medical services.

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Gavin Dennis

Gavin Dennis is a Cyber Security Consultant and aspiring CISO. He helps companies and people around the world to protect their digital assets and has worked with companies in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. He is experienced in Penetration Testing (Network and Web), Social Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk and Compliance, and IT Security Incident Response. Additionally, Gavin is a CompTIA SME and separately produces educational Cyber Security content through his articles, websites, and speaking engagements.

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