Gavin Dennis published about an encounter with an older man.

On October 13, 2018, Gavin Dennis published an article titled “2 Cans of beer and a Radio”.

The article describes an unexpected discussions between Gavin and a stranger, an older gentleman, in a park in Aachen, Germany.

The experience was significant because of the subtle depths of the discussion between himself and the stranger. The stranger was going through a dificult time, eventually a conversation developed and life lessons were learnt.

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A highlight of his article
He said he was now in Germany because his mother is ill and may not have much time left and he’s here to take care of her. He took breaks between his statements almost as if he had a lot on his mind that was stressing him.

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Gavin Dennis

Gavin Dennis is a Cyber Security Consultant and aspiring CISO. He helps companies and people around the world to protect their digital assets and has worked with companies in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. He is experienced in Penetration Testing (Network and Web), Social Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk and Compliance, and IT Security Incident Response. Additionally, Gavin is a CompTIA SME and separately produces educational Cyber Security content through his articles, websites, and speaking engagements.

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