The Caribbean's future in Cyber Security

With initiatives like this, the Caribbean should develop into Cyber Security at a faster rate. Enabling us to compete on the international market, retain a greater percentage of our local security professionals and consequently grow our economies for a better quality of life.

What motivated this website

During casual discussions with people about Cyber Security, Gavin realised there was a common problem - People do not want to report security issues to affected Caribbean business. Why? They believed they would get in trouble for finding or highlighting such issues. In many cases, affected Caribbean businesses responded unkindly to such reports. In one known instance, someone received legal advice NOT to report a security vulnerability they unintentionally identified. This fear must stop. This kind of response does not only affect Cyber Security but other critical areas of society.

The simple fact

Unfortunately, internet users are not obligated to report a cyber security issue they know, whether they found it intentionally or unintentionally. So, it comes down to whether a business will first know about their own from someone with good intentions or after it has been exploited by someone with bad intentions (Attackers).

When issues are ignored

Ignored reports by Caribbean businesses weaken public belief that they care about protecting sensitive data.

A viable solution

Gavin wants to reshape the relationship between the Caribbean, security professionals and the public to make Cyber Security a team effort. Ultimately, when this relationship is strong, it should minimise the likelihood of successful attacks, reduce cybercrime by Caribbean nationals, and develop a warm and embracing culture towards Cyber Security in the Caribbean.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Security issues we report are found using NON-invasive methods. This also means there is no exploitation or bypassing of any security controls to find those issues.

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