About Cyber Security Due Diligence Standards

Due Diligence Standards is an online resource to help guide businesses and individuals to take responsible steps to protect their data. This website was created by Gavin Dennis, a Cyber Security Consultant from Jamaica and is a part of Gavin's mission to provide educational and useful web resources to help people and companies make strides with their cyber security effort.

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Who is Gavin Dennis?

Gavin Dennis is a passionate Cyber Security Consultant from Jamaica in the Caribbean. He has consulted through companies in the Caribbean and Europe to support security initiatives of corporate clients around the world. He is experienced in Penetration Testing (Network and Web), Social Engineering, Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk and Compliance Assessments, IT Security Advisory, and IT Security Incident Response. He delivers value to the companies he works with and supports people on their mission to be great. Academically, Gavin has attained certifications from the following providers: ISC2, CompTIA, eLearn Security, ISACA, and EC Council. He is an Author, Speaker and aspiring CISO.

What is the purpose of this website?

This site was created to help guide people in principle to responsibly implement security controls to protect their data. The observation was that many companies and individuals were not implementing security controls which are expected and only after a compromise or serious incident would it become known.

This website is divided into multiple guides which sharply focus on a specific category of responsible computer security practices.