Our Mission

The purpose and mission of this Penetration Testing Guide.

Why use this guide

It's straightforward and Logical

This Penetration Testing guide aims to be action-focused and minimise fillers.It's logical and flows with you through the different phases of testing your targets, ultimately guiding you to a useful report for your client.

It's continuously updated

This guide is continually updated as practices in the industry evolve, and submissions for improvement are received.

It's Scalable

This guide focuses on the principles of Penetration Testing so it can scale alongside your projects.

About the creator

This guide on External Network Penetration Testing was developed by Gavin Dennis, a passionate Cyber Security Consultant from Jamaica in the Caribbean. His intention is to guide new Penetration testers throughout their first set of professional External Network Penetration Tests. Gavin has consulted through companies in the Caribbean and Europe to support security initiatives of corporate clients around the world. He is experienced in Penetration Testing (Network and Web), Vulnerability Assessments, IT Security Risk and Compliance Assessments, IT Security Advisory, and IT Security Incident Response. He delivers value to the companies he works with and supports people on their mission to be great. Academically, Gavin has attained certifications from the following providers: ISC2, CompTIA, eLearn Security, ISACA, and EC Council. He is an Author, Speaker and aspiring CISO.

You can learn more about Gavin by visiting his website (GavinDennis.com) by clicking HERE.