We'll Help You to Start
a Website Security business in the Caribbean

Businesses in Jamaica and the Caribbean are significantly short of people who can help them protect their online presence. This is an opportunity to fill that gap. There is no charge from us to you.

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2018 Cyber Security report on top 285 Jamaican business:

65%* do NOT load over HTTPS by default.

73%* do NOT set any security headers

84%* do not use a web firewall.

*Based on research conducted by Gavin Dennis, a Cyber Security Consultant.

We'll teach you to:

Implement HTTPS

Learn how to encrypt web traffic between a website and users' browsers.

Set Security Headers

Learn how to add headers in web server responses that protect against common attacks.

Implement a web firewall

Learn how to filter malicious traffic automatically and manually.

Tighten security on CMSs and websites

Learn how to harden a CMS and other websites to minimise the risk of a compromise.

BONUS: We'll also provide you with a static website, and secure it to get you started!

What's required of you:

1st. Tell us why you're interested.

We want to have an idea of why you want this opportunity.

2nd. We'll discuss with you to see if you're a good fit.

We will assess our objectives and your own personal plan aligns well.

3rd. Be willing to learn and register your business.

Our aim is to help entreprenuers who want to operate a legitimate web security business, even if it's not their long term career plan.

Interested? Let's get started!

Get in touch using the information at the link below. We'll discuss further from there.