Gavin is passionate and creative.

He communicates clearly both technically and non-technically.

Gavin delivers value.

Continuously improving towards deliberate excellence.

Consulting in Europe

Gavin works with P3 Group in Germany as a Senior IT Security Consultant to support corporate clients across Europe with their cybersecurity goals.

Consulting in Jamaica

Gavin worked with OpenWave Information Security Ltd and Symptai Consulting Ltd in Jamaica to support corporate clients.

Cybersecurity content

Gavin develops his own content to raise public awareness and contributes to cybersecurity content for blogs, websites, and organisations.

Supporting education providers

Supporting an international certification provider, CompTIA, to develop exam content

Presenting on Cybersecurity topics

Gavin presents occasionally, mostly by invite, on Cybersecurity topics, sharing his knowledge and insight.

Providing professional guidance

Gavin provides occasional coaching to others upcoming in the IT field, on request.

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Gavin Dennis