Personally created resources to empower people and businesses to protect their data.

Resources that help to minimise the attack surface by tightening controls and reducing unnecessary exposure.


Resources which guide in challenging an existing security structure.


Resources that support both Senior and Middle Management to implement security within their orgranisation.


Resources covering investigations, studies and analysis into security.


Resources to help educate users on good security practices for their daily life.

  • Security Awareness Tips

    Tips to help people stay aware of everyday cyber attacks in their personal and work life.

  • Security Blog

    Cyber security content that inspires, educates, and improves people's lives.

Career Development

Resources to help people develop their careers in the Information Security industry.

  • Kick Start

    Basic guidance on links to entry level qualifications, online training, and job boards.

  • Resume Review

    FREE help to review and improve your existing resume.


Resources to help you understand compliance requirements from regulators or law.


Resources where security professionals donate resources to people or business in need.

  • Security Volunteers

    Request help or donate your security skills to help report and/fix vulnerabilities.

  • Security Entrepreneurs

    Free help for serious people who want to start a web security business in Jamaica.


Resources designed to support specific geographic regions.

  • Cyber Security Jamaica.com

    A hub of FREE and useful Cyber Security resources developed for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

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