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Deliberate Excellence

Gavin understands security controls and strategic goals

Gavin brings expertise which leverages his diverse background. He is frequently engaged in both technical and non-technical projects which ultimately help his clients become better than they were before they met.

Penetration Testing

Methodically testing computer systems to identify and validate vulnerabilities and security issues.

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Social Engineering

The art of psychologically manipulating users for them to divulge sensitive information or compromise security controls.

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IS Risk & Compliance

Supporting companies to identify, respond to, and manage security risk in legal, regulatory and optional aspects.

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IS Incident Response

Supporting companies to investigate, contain, recover, and improve when compromises are suspected or occur.

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IS Advisory

Providing Cybersecurity focused guidance to initiatives which require special attention from someone who knows.

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Guiding and empowering people to achieve their Cybersecurity career goals.

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Concerned about Cybersecurity in your company?