Details on professional career
Cyber Security Consulting

In 2018 Gavin migrated to Germany to support a large consulting company as a Senior IT Security Consultant, helping to support their customers’ security goals. Prior to that, he worked in Jamaica as an Information Security Consultant within another consulting company supporting their corporate clients in the Caribbean. In his earlier career, Gavin worked in other consulting companies as an IT Auditor and Operational Auditor respectively.

CompTIA Subject Matter Expert (SME)

In October 2017, Gavin was accepted by CompTIA as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Penetration Testing and has contributed in at least two(2) workshops to help develop exam content for CompTIA’s first certification for Penetration Testers.

Creating Educational Cyber Security Content

Gavin develops free online security content to support both companies and people to find realistic solutions to issues.

Advocacy and Mentorship

Gavin continuously advocates for good computer security habits through presentations, blogging, publishing research, and running social media campaigns.

The transition

Gavin initially launched his career in 2007 in the field of Audit, Assurance, and Accounting. After re-assessing his passion and interests, Gavin transitioned into Information Security, focusing on cyber security and has been making strides in the field since. Since 2007, Gavin has worked with multiple consulting companies to support their clients in assessing and optimising business processes and financial data. He has worked with three (3) internationally respected audit firms and continues to demonstrate a determination to succeed.

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