Cybersecurity Content

Below are freely available cybersecurity content created by Gavin to help raise awareness and contribute to the industry.

Cyber Crimes Act

A website dedicated to explaining Jamaica's Cybercrimes Act in simple English so the majority can understand it. The original version is in typical fancy legal wording so Gavin created a version for The People. It is available in both simple English and Patois (Jamaica's native language).
  • Simple
  • Jamaican made
  • Available in simple English
  • Available in Patois

Articles by Gavin Dennis

A web blog where Gavin writes articles primarily about Cybersecurity and his adventures. In many of his articles, you will get refreshing and inspiring perspectives to help you look at things differently, understand important issues and connect with him the author.
  • Original content
  • Educational
  • Insightful
  • Honest

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